Personal Defense

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I write this article with great hesitation and apprehension, because it has the potential to be misused. Before I begin I will give you a serious disclaimer about self defense and having a weapon in the home, as well as the Self Defense Mentality… Although I am an advocate for being armed, I mainly an advocate for armed AWARENESS. Many people who are armed today (in fact the vast majority of armed Americans) have a terrible attitude, are poorly trained, have a bad combat mentality and rules of engagement, and worst of all most of them have no idea what real violence is.

Violence is a game of dice where you can train, practice, and do everything right and still die. It is an arena where very serious and life altering things can happen to you, your family, and anyone else involved. It is NOT a situation where the enemy can be clearly defined, as sometimes it occurs with family members, coworkers, peers, or even between other people with you as a bystander. Sometimes it occurs as a criminal element that confronts you or your family, other times as a criminal element you witness in the world. Violence is intensely complex, risky, and personally damaging to the human psyche and spirit.

Also, many people consider personal defense as an excuse for violence. These are the people who constantly ask questions about situations that MUST lead to violence, such as “What if I was cornered and couldn’t escape?” A person set on escaping will run over anyone and anything in their way to get out of a room, and are infinitely harder to stop than someone who is unsure and might stay and fight. Or they might ask an unrealistic, horribly stupid situation to put yourself in, such as “What if I’m surrounded by gun toting thugs and have to shoot my way out?” Who on earth would even allow themselves to come to such a situation? These are a total failure of all your primary defense, the first of which are awareness and common sense, which together make up PREVENTION.

Ask yourself if your goal really is protection of your family and self defense, because most of the time I assure you that people’s goals are NOT for personal defense. The best question to prove this point is, if you are really concerned about your family’s safety: “Do you have a first aid kit, and do you know how to use it? Do you know CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver? Do you have a disaster plan?” If 2 out of 3 are answered negative, then guess what: You aren’t that concerned with your family’s safety, because you haven’t prepared for the most common causes of death and familial loss. Question yourself and your motives, because you will need to be sharply self aware to be a responsible weapon owner, and a safe weapon operator.

If you have considered the options, care about family safety and self defense, and can wrap your head around what violence really is, you might be qualified to look into owning a gun. The right mentality to have it to be a person looking for a tool in their layers of self defense (the FINAL tool that you can fall back on, not the first). If these describe you, then know that nothing equals the odds with a larger foe like an armed, trained, law-abiding citizen who has the right frame of mind and the ability to react effectively to a threat.

Let me repeat that if you are not willing to handle what violence truly is and cannot accept the harsh realities of it then you have no business owning a gun, a knife, or any other form of weapon. You will only end up bringing MORE harm to yourself and your loved ones when your unrealistic view of violence lands you dead in the gutter, or lands someone else dead while you end up in prison for most of your natural born life. Either step through the door to violence fully prepared and fully committed, or shut the door behind you and stop peeking in.

With all that said, let’s begin. Second Amendment Rights are the security, pride, and joy of many Americans today. Despite the cowardly lunatics who abuse this freedom by using it to shoot up an unarmed mini-mall or college in true coward fashion, many of us are sane and kind people who effectively and safely handle our own guns. In the modern world these armaments allow the average citizen to have the right to personal protection on their own terms, without having to wait 30 minutes after a life threatening emergency has started to receive help (assuming they can even call for help and are not being attacked or raped).

Many Americans would be shocked to know that the United States is the single most violent 1st-world country in the world. The only other country that even comes close to our violent crime and imprisonment rate is Russia, and some people would consider most of Russia’s countryside to be third world (when excluding the major cities which are well advanced and first world like ours). When you note the history of violence in the United States, and when you also note the mentality of many of today’s criminals (rob, then rape, then kill everyone involved, whether they cooperate or not) it becomes very clear that the only thing that will protect your family is an armed person (hopefully you rather than the police officer who is miles away). If you consider a baton, pepper spray or Taser to be enough, you would do well to remember that almost all violent crime has multiple criminals involved: in other words, trouble often travels in groups of two or more.

                             Which option will you choose?

Before even thinking about a gun or what kind of gun to own, I would suggest your go to No Nonsense Self Defense right now and spend a few hours (at least) reading their articles to understand a truly sophisticated and realistic mind-frame of self defense and violence prevention. Only after reading their site and understanding the topics presented there would I suggest continuing to the paragraph below. They go over topics such as the differences between Aggression and Assertiveness, knowing the 5 levels of self defense, knowing how to avoid becoming a target, and knowing how to be a true alpha male instead of a beta male pretending. They teach you that rudeness and macho bravado are a weak man’s imitation of strength, and they teach you how to leave behind the violent geek’s mentality of violence to adopt a healthy, mature understanding you will need to react in a violent and emotionally charged situation.

Have you read some of their brilliant articles? If you have, then let me begin by saying that the way most “gun buffs” and gun salesmen teach you to choose your weapon is hands down wrong. They try and cater your approach to each and every caliber and brand as if all of these factors make a considerable difference to a civilian who is employing this weapon properly (which is as a last line of defense when all your other barriers of protection have failed). I have heard dozens of people encourage high capacity magazines for shootout situations, and encourage entirely the WRONG kind of gun owning and gun using mentality.

You as a possible gun owner need to know there is a difference between preparing a citizen’s armory (for purposes of war, or national defense) and preparing for self defense (which includes home defense, survival, or a criminal confrontation). There are many options you have to choose from in the United States, and with all the varieties available it is easy to go to an extreme that you will never need. Let’s take a look at the kinds of weapons available to us today:

  • Handguns – Small, concealable, and low powered rounds that are designed for urban situations and concealed carry. Perfect for mobile personal defense, but less than ideal for home defense. If considered for home defense it must be with special frangible ammo (such as Magsafe or Glaser to prevent penetration of walls). NOT to be used in home defense with normal ammunition due to over penetration of rounds through 3 – 4 walls of most homes with a single shot.
  • Sub-machine Guns – Used in very close quarters combat with a large volume of small caliber rounds (usually handgun calibers). Not concealable, and designed to dump a very high number of rounds in a short time over close to medium distances. Due to the same issue as handguns (over penetration of walls), these are not practical for home defense. With safety rounds they might be a viable option, due to their increased capacity and accuracy.
  • Carbines – Used in close quarters combat with high powered rifle rounds in a small, compact rifle setup. Only practical for wartime use due to high powered rounds that will go through a dozen walls or more, like assault rifles. These are designed at lower capacities to be effective at all ranges, and are often highly versatile tools for warfare.
  • Shotguns – The best all around utility tool for home defense (such as riots, natural disasters, temporary collapse of order, handling a wild animal, handling a home invasion, etc). They can carry all kinds of creative rounds such a slugs (for BIG holes at long distance), buckshot (for home defense or for animal hunting), birdshot (small pellets for bird hunting) and even less lethal rounds such as high powered bean bags and rubber rounds for humane self defense. Also highly effective at room clearing and offensive close combat when semi-automatic and with tactical accessories.
  • Precision Rifles – Used for long distance hunting, and taking out threats from a great distance (50 feet to 1 mile and beyond). Long barreled, usually bolt action with large rounds and a low capacity, and often used with bipods for increased accuracy. These are highly effective for long range offensive operations such as harassment of troops from a concealed location, targeted killings of leadership or threats, and also for hunting of game and wildlife. As such they are totally impractical for self defense.
  • Assault Rifles – These are used with high powered rounds that penetrate cover, vehicles, armor and people. They are great for military applications at medium to long distance, but are easy to get tangled up with at close quarters. It is a very unwise and unsafe decision to use these for self defense or property defense in a populated area. However they are a must have if the day ever comes to defend your life and rights from an invasion, or even from our own government or any of its misguided lapdogs who would take away your freedom or your life for the power of the elite.
There are other categories of weapons that I will not go into, since you as a civilian have no use for these in the goal of personal defense. Automatics should never be used in personal defense since they are highly dangerous to you and those around you if you intend to use them for home defense. Even trained mercenaries and military professionals hesitate to use the full auto function unless laying down a stream of supporting fire. Since you aren’t flanking any fortified positions, leave the automatics to the professionals. As you have guessed, I advise people to choose their firearms based on their competence, and also based on versatility and utility. These Class III weapons and destructive devices (along with explosives and silencers) only have a useful place on the battlefield or in your citizen’s armory (where they wait until they potentially reach a battlefield one day). I hope that is crystal clear.

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