Wake Up America

Are you Awake?

The Revolution is what happens in your mindset and your consciousness when you finally wake up and realize that the way we are being forced to live is not right. This is the state of being Awake, as it is known by those in the movement. People who are not yet aware of the injustices heaped against them are said to not be Awake yet. Somehow we have allowed normal to become the monotony of buying clothes, food, and paying for a car and a house so that we can continue to work. Then we work almost all day so we can afford our empty house, and to afford the car we use to get to work. We live to work, and work to live, and therefore we are slaves.

When you realize this, you have just become part of the Revolution. Once your mind is awake and you see how you have been made into a corporate branded slave, then the Restoration of America is what follows.

What is the difference between Revolution and Restoration?

A Revolution is breaking everything down, burning it to ashes and starting over. It is the throwing out every single scrap of what was and creating something new, which can sometimes be necessitous in a completely corrupted system with no redeeming value. Our system is corroded from the inside out, however it has one powerful redeeming document: The U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. I represent millions of Americans who have emerged into Constitutionalism: The belief that the return to the American constitution as it was intended will bring about the restoration of America to its former freedom, and away from our current growing state of government run military Fascism. The link is for those of you who think Fascism ended after World War II, as you read pay careful attention to key details such as: “Fascists believe that a nation requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.”

To Anonymous Members

For all Anonymous members directed here, please visit the facebook page and become part of our movement. You know who you are, if you have to ask then you are not an Anon from our area. The facebook group is located here. If that link doesn’t work then simply find my profile, friend me, and request that I add you (with a note about your area so I know who you are and if I can add you as part of our local area activism cell).

All further details about our location and our goals are not shared with the public, and are kept within the Anon cell. Our views are openly shared, and among those views are strict adherence to nonviolent civil disobedience. That means protest that does not ever include any form of violence, including destruction of property (even our own property, such as a dramatic flag burning or some other nonsense). If you see an illegal act, violent or nonviolent, then it was not the Anonymous movement. If you hear people claiming it was the Anonymous movement, it is most likely the federal government framing up the Anonymous movement the same way that they framed up Afghanistan and Iraq for invasion while covering up for Saudi Arabia ). If you don’t think our government is capable of lying to its citizens then please watch any politicians promises before office and witness his actions after gaining that office. If you aren’t sure that our government is capable of killing its own citizens, please review how they allowed 9/11 to happen by covering it up. Further evidence is available on my important article on this tragedy, all backed by verifiable facts.

What is this Blog?

This blog is a work in progress that spans many fields that I have learned about over hundreds upon hundreds of hours. Every article you read in thirty minutes or less has hours of work behind it, not just at the computer keyboard or my webmaster panel but also in the time I took to learn lessons hands on, or in many cases from experts in the respective fields I study. It represents research and experience, not just one or the other. It is the culmination of my concerted personal effort at self improvement, preparedness, and self reliance in the modern world of the United States. I focus on these values, along with educating my readers on what I have learned in my journey about the hard times to come. I spread awareness of the unacceptable way which the average citizen is expected to live now for trade offs in inflated money and simple comforts, and I try to compresses all of the knowledge I’ve gained into what I hope are the most intellectually appealing and practical forms available on the net.

What is the purpose of this Blog?

This Blog has many purposes, the first of which is to educate willing readers on what is really going on in our country. In addition to fighting against the ignorance the government feeds you to keep you docile, this is also a guide on Self Reliance and Personal Responsibility (the two qualities that form up the backbone of what is used to mean to be an American). These two qualities are what will pull you out of ignorance and into knowledge, and they are what will drag you out of bad situations when the government is too busy bailing out big businesses and their banker buddies to save your ass.

My purpose is to provide a unique collection of how-to’s and do-it-yourself guides to tackling challenges you never thought you could (or should) take on alone, so that you can improvise and adapt to the hard times ahead. It is also to teach a powerful value that many imagine they have, but few of us actually do: Self Reliance. The ability to know that you can provide for yourself beyond just the financial world, but also in terms of your own mental and physical health, your relationship health, your internal growth and self improvement, your work life, etc. Every single person I know is lacking in at least one, if not MANY of these fields simultaneously. Any one of them goes missing and it begins to hurt, but the more of those items are out of balance and the more your world seems like the world is falling apart. When your life is spiraling out of control, it should immediately indicate to you that you are out of balance.

Much of this will be a guide to helping YOURSELF, so that you may become find your balance, and become a stronger person, a more informed human being, a better member of the human race, and eventually a positive force in helping others aside from just yourself. There’s a whole big world out there, and there are gifts born into you that not a single other person has. The only way to unlock those is by rolling up your sleeves and going to work on the person in the mirror.

These articles will span all kinds of articles from my Self Help Therapy built from years of struggling with PTSD and Depression (both of which I have effectively cured myself of), to Fending For Yourself Survival tips (such as safe knife use, first aid, and self defense), all the way to the Intellectual Outlook of the human being that accepts Personal Responsibility.

This site is dedicated to becoming part of resisting the World Order that is forming, where the average citizen and their human life is placed at the very bottom of the totem pole. If you are not aware of what is happening then it is time to get over to www.inforwars.com and educate yourself on what is really going on in this country. Knowledge is power. And once you are equipped with that knowledge and are prepared to take action, it is time to look into joining your States Unorganized Militia (civilian run militias ready to fight FOR THE PEOPLE), and also look into becoming part of Anonymous. View our facebook page via the main site page for more information. And remember who we the citizens are.

We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

-Anonymous Patriot

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