9/11: 10th Anniversary

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, I am writing this article in honor of the innocent people who died that day. I believe that the best way to honor these people is by finding the truth, and by calling for justice to be brought to those responsible. Over ten years have passed since the day of the attacks, and to this day justice is elusive. The main culprit? Not terrorist organizations, not Muslims, and not enemies of the United States across the world. Our own government is responsible for the lack of justice, and for dozens of injustices since that day that continue to multiply at our hands around the world. From wars we should have never become involved with, to U.S. war crimes, to downright lies fed to the American public… Before I get too far down the rabbit hole, here is a brief rundown of some 2011 facts as of the 9/11 tenth anniversary:

  • Out of 19 hijackers that day, 15 were from Saudi Arabia (a U.S. ally, and our 2nd largest oil supplier), 2 were from the United Arab Emirates (owners of Dubai), 1 from Lebanon, and 1 from Egypt. Not a single one was from Afghanistan or from Iraq.
  • Osama Bin Laden was a wealthy Saudi, with very close ties to the ruling parties of the Saudi royal family.
  • $1.4 billion dollars in transactions had taken place between the Bush family and the royal family of Saudi Arabia that year, as compiled by journalist Craig Unger.
  • John O’Neill, the director of FBI counter-terrorism, declares his frustration with Saudi officials that year, and declares Saudi Arabia as the epicenter of Bin Laden’s Organization. Despite his please for the U.S. to pursue Saudi ties, no steps were taken to do so.
  • The 9/11 Commission proceeds to clear Saudi Arabia of all responsibility. When asked to release their report on why, all 28 pages were classified. They remain classified to this day, despite Obama’s false promises to declassify them.
  • U.S. Senator Bob Graham, one of the authors of these 28 pages, calls for them to be declassified, and insists that (although he cannot legally divulge the contents) the papers implicate the Saudis. President Obama has ignored repeated requests from the 9/11 victim families to declassify these papers.
  • 9/11 Families sued the alleged Saudi Arabian financiers of the World Trade Center bombings, and were set to enter international court with over 24 rich Saudi Princes tied to Bin Laden and his royal family… Every single Saudi case was dropped when our own U.S. government intervened and pressed the courts to drop the cases, despite all evidence accrued showing the Princes were indeed financing terrorism.
  • Instead of any economic, political, or military retaliation against Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Government bombed Afghanistan (a poor country which housed small Al Qaeda training camps and had no role in planning 9/11) and Iraq (which had nothing at all to do with 9/11 or terrorism, due to the fact Saddam stomped out all terrorists in his country out of his hatred for them).
  • Amount spent in our Iraq War to date: $797.3 billion.
  • Total cost of war in Afghanistan to date: $459.8 billion.
  • Cost of Veterans Treatment after War to date: $32.6 billion.
  • The percentage of U.S. citizens who want our troops out of Iraq: Over 70%.
  • The date of a definite timeline for troop withdrawal: Undetermined.
  • Days after 9/11 that New American Century demanded that Bush invade Iraq, regardless of having no 9/11 ties: 9 days.
  • Number of days after 9/11 that President Bush signed Afghanistan War Plan into action: 6 days.
  • Number of days after 9/11 that the Patriot Act was signed: 45 days.
  • Number of people killed in the World Trade Center attacks: 2,753 innocent people.
  • Number of U.S. soldiers killed in combat in both wars: 4,474 misled soldiers.
  • Number of innocent Iraqi civilians killed due to U.S. actions and invasion: 102,000 innocent people. (This figure does not include the Iraqi soldiers killed in the U.S. invasion)

These are facts that characterize a decade of treason by our own government. When the vast majority of the population wants to withdraw troops from the Middle East, no action is made to do so. Millions of American citizens have cried out against the war in Iraq, and to this day even veterans speak out against the war and call for its end. Years have passed, and not a single step has been taken to create a firm timeline for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan. It only took 9 days for Bush to decide to go to war with these people, and only 45 days for the administration to enact the Patriot Act that allows the government to do as it pleases with no concern for the Bill of Rights. Clearly this government can act quickly when there is a benefit involved, as shown by these impressive reaction times. There is literally no viable excuse for why a government would openly violate the requests of its own people for so long, and there is no higher form of contempt and disrespect for one’s own citizens than to lie to them, deceive them, and then on top of it all to blatantly ignore them for years as they cry for an end to a taxing and pointless war. The government no longer represents the people, and in fact our government is behaving in direct violation of its purpose: To serve and protect the citizens of the United States of America.

In fact, one could easily wonder why the U.S. have gone to great lengths to protect people who clearly funded terrorism. At the very least this means that our own government has collaborated with terrorists, and at the highest levels they may even be partially responsible for the events of 9/11.

Some would consider this a rather large jump, but my leap is simply an application of our civilian legal system. Ask any lawyer: if your friend murders, and you either knew in advance it was going to happen or you learned about it and said nothing to the authorities, then you have just become an accessory to murder. If you help to cover your friends tracks, you have just aided a fugitive from justice. If you lie in court, you have just committed perjury. The American legal system is very unforgiving with criminal law, so it comes as a huge surprise that our own American government is guilty of all these crimes themselves: Accessory to Murder of thousands of U.S. civilians (through either negligence, or deliberate action), Aiding aFugitive from Justice (such as terrorists and those who fund them, while chasing shadows in other corners of the world to fool the largely uninformed American public) and Perjury by continually providing false reports and insufficient evidence to why the towers really collapsed on 9/11.

How is it that independent investigations by reporters and journalists continually find Saudi business and government funding of the 9/11 terrorists, when the million dollar government investigations fail to find anything at all? Because the government won’t discuss what they found, I will repost what reporters and journalists galore have found: Many of the 9/11 hijackers received constant, large cash payouts from Saudi businesses even though they did no work for the Saudi companies. These hijackers were living in the United States, organizing and planning for 9/11 as they received this steady income flow from their Saudi businesses. Several Saudi businessmen apparently noticed this activity, and when they tried to cut off the steady stream of revenue to the terrorists they were prohibited from doing so by the Saudi Royal Family. Does this seem odd to you? Take a look at this video:

Remember, despite all the facts pointing us to Saudi Arabia, the government knowingly chose a completely different course of action. And if it did this unknowingly, in the face of all these facts, then our leaders are completely inept and incapable of ruling this great country. No matter how you spin it, whether it is gross negligence, awful stupidity, or outright conspiracy, changes have to be made at the highest levels of our government.

And all of this is just the beginning. Another series of highly suspicious facts and evidence has emerged within the last 10 years that also begs the question: Just how much is the government covering up about 9/11, and why? The following facts are posted here on this blog, but the facts presented were researched extensively by A.E. (follow their site here to learn about who they are and their message), a group of American Engineers, Chemists, and Physicists from top universities around the U.S. who came together not to provide conspiracy theories, but to provide hard scientific facts about what happened at the Twin Towers and Building 7. There are over 1,500 scientists and professors who make up AE today, and here are just a few of the facts they compiled:

  • The strong, fire-proofed, explosion proofed steel frames of the lower parts of the building would have stopped any major collapse, since only the upper columns were aflame. Even if the flame had proceeded down the elevator shafts, it would take a destruction of all the columns on all floors at the same time for a symmetrical fall (which is what occurred).
  • Buildings falling from fires tend to fall asymmetrically (meaning they tilt over, and keel over at irregular places, since fire burns irregular patterns across the floors). These buildings fell in perfect symmetry, and into their own footprint.
  • A true collapse is partial. The top floors crush down and slow down as they fall, meeting resistance. The World Trade Center towers fell downwards, accelerating as they fell through the path of greatest resistance.
  • Only pressure from explosions can propel multi-ton steel sections laterally for up to 600 feet away, and at over 60 miles per hour.
  • The 9/11 commission theory of “Pancaking floors” had no support in the evidence, since not a single pancaked floor was found.
  • Buildings pancaking leave large slabs of rubble and steel reinforced concrete. Instead the concrete was completely pulverized into dust.
  • FDNY reported puddles of molten steel flowing like lava. Steel flows this way at 2800 degrees F. 1400 degree office fires cannot possibly produce that kind of heat, neither can jet fuel.
  • Weaponized, high energy nano-thermite was found in the dust of multiple different samples of dust from the World Trade Center buildings. This is almost twice as powerful as normal civilian thermite, and shows a much higher degree of sophistication in engineering.
  • No single high rise has ever failed due to structural fires in the history of high rises, included when an airplane crashed into the Empire State Building, and also including the New York fires in the early 1900’s that burned for days.
  • NASA discovered infrared readings from the World Trade Center that could be seen from space. These incredibly intense heat signatures continued for weeks after the towers collapsed, much longer than the heat from simple office fires could have lasted. Thermite can cause this kind of heat.
  • The U.S. Government ordered the immediate removal of all steel and structural components from Ground Zero… but not a single piece was allows to scientists who wanted to test it. All of it was taken away, not to government labs for their testing, but to be destroyed without any testing at all.
  • Over one hundred emergency responders heard and saw explosions on the ground floors, and bright flashes of light.
  • Free fall of floors in Building 7 cannot occur without the destruction of 400 other steel columns per second, in exact symmetry. Fires cannot cause a systematic and timed destruction.

Is this information compelling to you? It has moved thousands of people all over the United States, and continues to move people in its spread across the U.S. For years most of the voices of dissent were conspiracy theorists, and many people who put together facts on their own without any scientific evidence to provide definitive answers to the valid questions they raised. The U.S. government tried to destroy most of the 9/11 evidence without any analysis whatsoever, but thanks to the digital age, the dozens of videos taken that day, the hundreds of eye witnesses, and the power of chemical analysis (of the dust found covering New York city from the World Trade Centers) these men and women could conduct a proper scientific investigation that has been denied to us by our own government.

The tide is rising, and as more people become aware the pressure on the government increases to reveal the truth. Whether or not the government finally decides to reveal the truth is irrelevant. The true change is occurring within the people, who are realizing that they have been lied to and taken advantage of. They are realizing they can no longer trust this government, and that they must take their justice into their own hands. By trying to pacify and defang the American public, the government has actually brought about what might be the beginning of its destruction. But that is for another day…

For more information on the World Trade Center I suggest that you download the AE Brochure, and also the AE Newspaper to review their most compelling facts and information. Here is the 911 Brochure for your FREE download, please print and distribute this as often and as far as you can. And for more information please visit the main A.E. site, they are a group of academic professionals with P.H.D.’s and they are putting their lives and their degrees at risk by taking on the lies of the Federal Government.

I and 12,000 others have joined their efforts and have signed the petition, and I urge you to please do the same so that you can be part of a movement that bring justice to the innocent lives we lost that day. And not just to those lost in the World Trade Center, but to all the soldiers who have died for the wrong reasons since that day, and to all the civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan who have been wrongly killed by our government using 9/11 as justification.

Please at least make your voice heard. AE has put together a petition that will go to the government, demanding a second investigation of the Twin Towers and their collapse using the new evidence compiled. This is an effort at a civil resolution of this conflict, and I suggest each and every one of you try your best to resolve this crisis through peaceful means first. Your government is supposed to be here to serve you, and instead they have deceived you, lied to you, obscured the truth, guarded those who are responsible, and led us on an all out killing spree against people who had nothing to do with these attacks in the first place. Demand justice, and if that justice is not granted by the government then that is the time for the citizens to remind the government who is supposed to be in charge.

UPDATE: For those who enjoy a bit of sarcasm, coupled with dozens of facts you should hear and understand –




Improvised Tools: I

Welcome to the Improvised Tools Series.If you value self-reliance or survivalism, enjoy improvisation, or are preparing for creating your own tools while living off of the strictly regulated government grid, then this is the series for you. I am absolutely obsessed with all manner of recycled and improvised materials, and not only for practical utility in a day-to-day depressed economy but also for the long-term use in a situation of serious social collapse. The materials I like to use can be found anywhere and can be used to create all kinds of amazing tools and necessities for survival and even for regular use. Due to the bulk of creative and interesting tools I have found and experimented with, I will have to write these articles in installments. I present to you the first installment of improvised tools…

The Rocket Stove

This amazing invention utilizes some advanced concepts of heat and energy conservation. It basically makes your fire burn very hot, very efficiently, with less fuel, less smoke, and less waste! Everything you could possibly want in a camp fire, and with this kind of power it can even replace an electric or gas-powered stove.The building materials can be found at any Home Depot or Lowe’s, or even with some simple adobe bricks if you want to get very primitive. Maximum time investment is a few hours for the wildly cautious and inexperienced. The best way for me to describe how to make this is to provide you with some videos of how others successfully built theirs! Here are some videos of how to build your own rocket stove, along with the science behind the stove:

Home Made Blacksmith’s Forge

There are as many ideas for building Forges as there are ideas for running a country, and most of them are just like people’s government ideas: They simply don’t work, and if they do work it is a sorry sight to see. I have combed through tons of garbage, tossed aside endless scrap and poor materials to bring out these shining diamonds from the Forge.

Cast Iron Sink Forge: This one takes some workshop experience and a full day of dedicate labor to put together, but the good thing is that there is an integrated quencher (a water pail for hardening forged steel) and also an integrated vacuum unit for blowing the forge to VERY high heats. It takes absolutely no natural gas or fuel aside from forge coal, and of course an electrical outlet for your shop vacuum. Here are detailed instructions on building your own heavy-duty Improvised Cast Iron Sink Forge. This Forge is tried and true, and will provide all the heat you will ever need for makeshift knife making, steel working, and even for melting down metals for purification or for ammunition making. The one downside is that all extra heat is pretty much wasted, as the model detailed in the link does NOT have oven capabilities of heat trapping, so any heat not capture by the metal is not conserved and rapidly bleeds away.

Paint Can Forge: This is a much smaller and simpler option (just as effective for small metals, or long bars of metal). It utilizes a plumbing torch to create a high heat furnace from a paint can and high heat mortar called Satanite. It is very easy to build, requires relatively no skills or experience, is easily transported, and it is found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn-qrgp9804&NR=1

Improvised Anvil: Once you have a forge it would be almost totally useless without an anvil. The problem is that many of these are incredibly heavy and expensive. Anvils can be hard to come by, so sometimes you have to improvise your own… The best article I’ve found on doing that is right here: http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?11230-Improvised-anvils

Improvised Sandbags

Contrary to popular belief, making a sand bag is much more complex than simply filling a burlap or cloth bag with sand. Take it from me, since I have tried many times to build my own. My first attempt came in the form of a simple burlap bag with sand. The bag way WAY too heavy when filled completely, so I filled it partially. This partial fill made it awkward to move, especially due to shifting sand inside, and also the extra cloth made it likely to break and strain. A simple rip or tear due to the 40 – 50 lbs of weight inside would empty the entire bag and render it useless.

Next up was a plastic design (like the plastic thread bags sold in packs of 50 or more that hold up to 40 lbs of weight). These bags are cheap and come in large numbers, and the design allows the bags hold up to lots of weight and still not tear easily! I thought I had found my ideal solution to fortifying a position against gunfire or flood water, but alas I was disappointed. These bags will very easily degrade in sunlight. In fact just two days of sun exposure and most will begin fraying on their own, and turning to dust when handled.

So what is the solution to a proper improvised sand bag? For those who do not have military style burlap sand bags to fill and stack this will be a challenge handled by using thick zip lock bags and also contractor bags (or heavy-duty garbage bags that are at least 3 to 4 mil thickness). Use a simple burlap or cloth bag on the outside, such as those used to hold large quantities of rice. You can even use an old backpack or cloth sack of any other kind to get creative, as long as it ISN’T polyurethane (plastic). Buy a plentiful supply of 4 – 6 mil zip lock bags online (these are available cheap) and fill each of these about 3/4 full with sand, push out any excess air, and then duct tape them all around to make what looks like a sand brick. You will fill your bag with these little sand bricks, and even if one or many of them are punctured (which is extremely unlikely due to the 4 – 6 mil thickness) it will not destroy your entire bag. The outer covering will be sun resistant until water and mold destroy it, but that is still months of life when left outside as opposed to days.

If you don’t have the time to wrap up individual units of sand and are impatient then use the contractor bags I told you to get earlier. These are standard 3 – 4 mil thickness and will hold about 25 lbs of sand each if you wrap them in duct tape and remove all excess air. Do the same routine with these, fill them up with as much sand as they can hold and then duct tape them sealed and all around for extra stability. You can further coat them in another bag if you want increased weather resistance, but if you are in a hurry and preparing for a flood or hurricane then by all means have a friend help you by holding the bag open while you shovel in sand, then tape the bag shut as quickly as possible. You now have an improvised sand bag.

A note on sand bags for defense purposes: It takes 6″ (that’s right, six inches) of sand to STOP a high-powered assault rifle bullet. These bullets have low mass and high velocity, and pretty much turn to dust when they collide with the sand. A barrier of just over 6″ is preferable to stop pistol rounds, which can travel up to 9″ in sand because they have a higher mass and a lower velocity, so they deposit energy less readily in the sand and hold together very well even after impact. Sand bags are perfect for protecting against shrapnel of all kinds (remember the principle, low mass and high velocity = easily stopped by sand).

That’s all folks!

That’s all for now, as I find new and interesting things to have I will be sure to post them here as they become available. Before anything reaches this site I either build it myself, or find several examples of people who have built it themselves. I make sure this person or people have thoroughly tested it to standards I would employ myself, and I make sure to read their thorough reviews. If you find anything interesting that measures up and works well, please feel free to email it to me for use on this site with your review and instructions as well! Contact me at thenewamericanrevolutionary@gmail.com and help your fellow Revolutionaries with the greatest gift of all: Empowering Knowledge.

The Largest Killer of Americans

Are you one of the 30 million or more Americans who can’t even afford health care and no longer try? Or maybe you’re part of the other hundreds of millions that struggle just to meet that unreasonably high quota every month. Health care costs are prohibitive to say the least, and they continue their climb up. To make matters worse the healthcare system continues to cause problems for doctors and patients alike due to the fact that, aside from being inefficient and poorly designed, the system is absolutely overburdened with unhealthy and overweight Americans. Ask any doctor and you will find that without a doubt, the number one reason for the failure of our healthcare systems is the sugar consumption of the average American citizen. We consume sugars in our foods, drinks, and snacks to the tune of 61 pounds PER YEAR. And what does that mean for us? Well sugar turns almost directly into fat when consumed in its purified form as common table sugar, high frusctose corn syrup, or anything else you will find in sodas, candy, desserts, snacks and more. It’s known to doctors and the scientific community by sucrose, or fructose (which is a building block of sucrose).

Man with Coffee and Doughnut --- Image by © Tom Grill/Corbis

The American Death Toll

When you take a human being who was design to be on a virtually sugarless diet and you add 61 pounds of sugar per year, what are the results for your health? Disaster. Let’s take a look at the top causes of death in the United States of America. This chart is taken directly from the United States CDC for their “Number of Deaths for Leading Causes of Death”. The numbers have been reposted here in their original format:

  • Heart disease: 616,067
  • Cancer: 562,875
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 135,952
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 127,924
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 123,706
  • Alzheimer’s disease: 74,632
  • Diabetes: 71,382
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 52,717
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 46,448
  • Septicemia: 34,828

Take a very close look at that list, and please think about it. Think about the sheer scale of the number of people dying every single year in this country from these problems. In order to truly comprehend it you would have to imagine a Superbowl stadium absolutely full of people. The largest Stadium in the United States holds about 100,000 people, so it would take SIX of these Stadiums are filled to the brim with people. I think any decent person would find it apalling and terribly shocking if these stadiums full of people were suddenly and ingloriously destroyed. Yet because it happens over the course of a year, and due to apparently “natural causes”, we all continue to ignore the American Holocaust that is going on today. Do you think it would be a little bit alarming to some people to know that every single year over 1.5 million Americans die from causes that could be tied to poor diet and an unhealthy consumption of sugars?

How about another perspective? On September 11th, 3,000 American lives were lost in a terrible tragedy. People remember it every single year, and commemorate the innocent lives lost on that day. Yet every year since then, sugar (through Heart Disease alone) kills 200 TIMES that number of people. This food product take more Americans from us than terrorists and roadside bombs, and yet we live with it and use it every single day without even so much as a second thought.

Add in Diabetes and Stroke, both of which are related to poor health and being overweight, and now you have two more stadiums full of Americans killed every single year. The death toll continues to rise, and health continues to decline as we follow traditional nutritional and fitness advice that got us to this terrible predicament in the first place.

What do we know about Nutrition? 

And what do you know about nutrition? Are you healthy? Are you fit? Do you have a college degree in this subject? Because many people who say yes to all of those questions have recently found out that they have been wrong about Sugar, Carbs, and Fat for the past 30 years. Now, if you are reading this and feel alarmed, please take a deep breath as you take the last 30 years of everything you have learned about nutrition and throw it out the window. That nutritional advice is responsible for the fact that on average we each weigh 20 more pounds that our counterparts in the previous generation. It is why, as our diet spread across the world, other people are also becoming more obese and suffering from more cancers and deadly heart failures.

Many people think that unhealthy consumption of red meats, or too much fats, or too much carbs can cause all these problems. The Atkins diet focuses on a high fat intake with no carbs, and the people on that diet are exceedingly healthy and thin. The Japanese diet consumes almost all carbohydrates and protein with no fat, and they are also very healthy and long lived. The American diet on the other hand consumes tons of protein, fat, and carbs all together, with the addition of sugars into absolutely everything. This double whammy of fat + carb is already a killer, but throw in the sugars and you have a rapid decay of all the things that make people healthy.

Let me throw a little bit of science at you in layman’s terms. When you analyze fructose (common table sugar) at the microscopic level to see what it does in the cell, we see that chronic fructose exposure (or constantly eating sugar) is the same in the body as chronic alcohol exposure. That means that when your body takes in sugar it literally treats it like a poison. It goes straight to the liver, cannot be digested anywhere else, gets turned into a lot of fat and waste products, causes cirrhosis and fatty deposits in the liver, and increased LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in your blood stream that build fatty plaques. In addition to all of this, the sugar molecule does not activate the signals inside your body that tells your body it’s had enough.

Unfortunately this is not common knowledge to even the advanced chemists and nutritionists of our day. Sugar has been a part of our diets since the beginnings of the North and South American colonies, long before the advent of advanced scientific procedures. Many chemists and nutritionists haven’t taken a look at the biochemical pathway that the body takes when exposed to fructose, and they have not compared this to the similar pathway taken by ethyl alcohol. For a full explanation to any medical majors please go to the bottom of this page and view the embedded movie, which explains (starting at 45 minutes) in advanced terms how exactly this occurs.

If you don’t have a medical degree then you would most likely gain the most out of this movie by watching the first 45 minutes, and also the last 10 – 20 minutes as well. Every single American must watch this movie to become alerted to the poison they are putting in their bodies, and if you are reading this article then that means it is also your duty to take some time out of your day to educate yourself and be part of saving some of the people in that stadium that is rigged to explode. If you knew your best friend or family member was in that stadium, waiting to die by the end of the year, you would do everything in your power to rip those doors off that stadium and get them out of there. Through this knowledge you have the power to get them out of a very perilous situation, so please learn what you need to and talk to people about this. It truly is a matter of life and death.

Take some time today and watch Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, teach why the sugar you eat and feed your children is actually a poison, and why the last 30 years of nutritional information you’ve been given is frankly wrong. Up until 45 minutes it is easier to follow, but after about the 45 minute mark it gets very technical and hard for the layman to follow. Very detailed biochemical pathways are included for fellow Micromolecular Biology and Chemistry majors, as well as for Medical Professionals to fully understand what is happening and why.

So, Here’s the Take Home Message…

How do you respond to this information? What can you do to remain healthy in the face of this pure white poison? There are two big steps you can take:

If you can’t avoid simple carbs (which you should) at least eat your simple carbs with fiber, fats or protein. Simple carbohydrates (such as starchy foods and sugars) should ideally be cut out of your diet entirely, but if you can’t resist your body’s desire for poison then by all means continue, but I promise you that your entire life will change for the better without carbs. If you begin weaning yourself off of carbs and can’t cut them completely out yet, then at least eat your simple carbs with fats, proteins, or fiber. The best option is to eat them with a lot of fiber, which will block rapid absorption of the sugars into your blood and will allow your body to burn it without turning it to fat. Protein is also a great choice for slowing the absorption of sugars. Of all the choices, fat is the least healthy choice to mix with carbs (but is still better than sugars or other carbs alone).

Throw out ALL SUGAR IN YOUR HOME, starting with any sugared drinks. I really can’t make this any clearer. Go through your pantry and thoroughly expel sugar (and all other forms of white death) from your home. Purchase artificial sweeteners such as Splenda or other non-aspartame sweeteners, and please avoid all temptations to ingest any foods with sugars or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) as ingredients. There are some wonderful sites out there to making desserts without cane sugars, I suggest you begin your journey to getting acquainted with them right here. I wish you all the best of luck, please stay healthy and sugar free. America needs you.

U.S. Dollars Will Be Worthless

Do you understand economics?

If you are like most people I know then the answer to that question is “a little bit”. Some people claim to understand economics very well, but those who truly do understand this field will tell you that economics degenerates often into a study of humans and their strange financial and business decisions, rather than a clear-cut study of predictable growth or shrinkage of resources. Economics is a very weird, sophisticated creature. This is because of the fact that we humans are very weird, sophisticated creatures, and our behaviors determine our economics. Jobs can increase, income can increase, but a very debt oppressed population cannot spend when it is mired in debt, and this can depress and shrink the economy. Sound confusing? The more you research economics the more you see that it boils down to opinion and speculation, and that is why there are SO many different opinions within economics.

So what is economics to the layman? In our modern world, almost all economics are supposedly based on an exchange of value. This value can be either an exchange of services, materials and commodities, or an exchange of money. Many of us inherently know that money is valuable to us as humans, but do we really know why?

Paper and printed money started as a method of representing gold and silver. People used to carry these valuable resources with them everywhere they went, and carrying a lot of metal is a heavy, cumbersome, and dangerous thing. Eventually nations consolidated their gold and silver (along with other rare metals, which are collectively known as bullion when they represent wealth) and printed out paper money to represent pieces of this store of wealth. Your dollars are supposed to represent a piece of U.S. wealth. The only problem is that it doesn’t.

How long until your dollar is obsolete?

Our Money Policy = Our Money Problem

Due to the policies of the Federal Reserve and their ideas of economic regulation and money politics, your money is only as good as the word of the Federal Reserve. The system that they implement on our money system is free from the control of Congress, and in the process of doing as they liked these men decided that the dollar should no longer be reliant on the stores of gold the United States owns. This means that there is a tremendous sum of money floating around that represents ZERO real world value, yet we and other nations continue to use it because we all assume it still means something.

How do I know this to be true? The U.S. rate of printing money FAR EXCEEDS the rate at which it acquires valuable resources such as gold and silver bullion. This is the clearest and most obvious sign that tons of our money is printed without commodities to back it up. The next sign is that our dollar used to mean a good deal of wealth (as we know from the old days when a man was well off if he earned $10 a day). Our money means less and less, because we print more and more, and do not continue to acquire wealth to back up all the money that is floating around out there.

Many people, especially financial experts all over the U.S., are taking every opportunity to get out there and snatch up all the gold and silver they can get your hands on. Just look online and find all the sites that have cropped up, as well as all the second-hand buyers who look around for people selling old gold and silver jewelry to be melted down. These people understand that it is absolutely certain that the U.S. dollar will continue to weaken (the Federal Reserve policies guarantee it) and due to this trend it is highly likely, and to some it seems inevitable, that the U.S. dollar will collapse.

When this occurs, all of your retirement, all of your savings, all of your property, and every dollar you own has the potential to mean absolutely nothing. And if it means anything at all it will be valued at a grossly smaller fraction of what it is currently “thought to be valued at”. I put that in quotes because your dollar really is currently worth only a tiny fraction of what everyone thinks it is, the problem is everyone continues to use it as if it worth more because economists tell us we can. Everyone agrees it is stronger than it really is, and because of that we continue to pretend it has high value. DON’T BE FOOLED.

If you have any doubt whatsoever that the value of money could ever be so grossly misrepresented, or if you have any doubt that people would continue to over value money out of simple fear, please educate yourself on the recent Global Financial Collapse of 2008. And you should probably know that Mr. Warren Buffet, a key U.S. investor and economics expert, agrees with my conclusion that the dollar will be worthless, although he admits it would become worthless to EVERYONE if we continue printing more money (the Federal Reserve has already declared its plans to do just that).

Treat your money like its burning... Get rid of it! Trade it for commodities as soon as possible.

What should you do?

Get rid of your dollars at the safest rate you possibly can, and invest in some wealth security such as gold, platinum, silver, or other precious metals that you can hold onto yourself and have in the case of a dollar collapse. There are all kinds of guidelines to follow because this market has become very large, and I am only recently getting into it myself. Find someone who is very experienced in this area, and please do your research thoroughly! There are many scam artists and frauds out there who aim to steal your money and give you no authentic bullion in return.

If you do your research and invest carefully, you can protect your family from the collapse of the dollar. And if you are a perpetual optimist, and don’t believe the dollar will ever fail, then at the very worst you will gain a considerable amount of money by investing in commodities that NEVER drop in value. Bullion is as safe as it gets when it comes to investing, and it is a form of wealth that is safe, predictable, and (for now) easily within reach. Now get out there and secure your family’s financial future.

UPDATE 8/27/11: We are currently in a Gold Bubble, which means that Gold is at an artificially high price right now, and is maintained there by the people who own it so that they can make a considerable amount of money on others who they sell it to. DO NOT BUY GOLD AT THIS TIME, people who own large amounts of it purposefully keep it off the market so that the gold prices can stay artificially high. Instead make a safer investment and buy silver, which is having the opposite happen: it is being kept artificially low. An investment in silver means greater long term security because its price will go up and will not implode like the price of gold.

Personal Defense

This Article is still under construction!

I write this article with great hesitation and apprehension, because it has the potential to be misused. Before I begin I will give you a serious disclaimer about self defense and having a weapon in the home, as well as the Self Defense Mentality… Although I am an advocate for being armed, I mainly an advocate for armed AWARENESS. Many people who are armed today (in fact the vast majority of armed Americans) have a terrible attitude, are poorly trained, have a bad combat mentality and rules of engagement, and worst of all most of them have no idea what real violence is.

Violence is a game of dice where you can train, practice, and do everything right and still die. It is an arena where very serious and life altering things can happen to you, your family, and anyone else involved. It is NOT a situation where the enemy can be clearly defined, as sometimes it occurs with family members, coworkers, peers, or even between other people with you as a bystander. Sometimes it occurs as a criminal element that confronts you or your family, other times as a criminal element you witness in the world. Violence is intensely complex, risky, and personally damaging to the human psyche and spirit.

Also, many people consider personal defense as an excuse for violence. These are the people who constantly ask questions about situations that MUST lead to violence, such as “What if I was cornered and couldn’t escape?” A person set on escaping will run over anyone and anything in their way to get out of a room, and are infinitely harder to stop than someone who is unsure and might stay and fight. Or they might ask an unrealistic, horribly stupid situation to put yourself in, such as “What if I’m surrounded by gun toting thugs and have to shoot my way out?” Who on earth would even allow themselves to come to such a situation? These are a total failure of all your primary defense, the first of which are awareness and common sense, which together make up PREVENTION.

Ask yourself if your goal really is protection of your family and self defense, because most of the time I assure you that people’s goals are NOT for personal defense. The best question to prove this point is, if you are really concerned about your family’s safety: “Do you have a first aid kit, and do you know how to use it? Do you know CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver? Do you have a disaster plan?” If 2 out of 3 are answered negative, then guess what: You aren’t that concerned with your family’s safety, because you haven’t prepared for the most common causes of death and familial loss. Question yourself and your motives, because you will need to be sharply self aware to be a responsible weapon owner, and a safe weapon operator.

If you have considered the options, care about family safety and self defense, and can wrap your head around what violence really is, you might be qualified to look into owning a gun. The right mentality to have it to be a person looking for a tool in their layers of self defense (the FINAL tool that you can fall back on, not the first). If these describe you, then know that nothing equals the odds with a larger foe like an armed, trained, law-abiding citizen who has the right frame of mind and the ability to react effectively to a threat.

Let me repeat that if you are not willing to handle what violence truly is and cannot accept the harsh realities of it then you have no business owning a gun, a knife, or any other form of weapon. You will only end up bringing MORE harm to yourself and your loved ones when your unrealistic view of violence lands you dead in the gutter, or lands someone else dead while you end up in prison for most of your natural born life. Either step through the door to violence fully prepared and fully committed, or shut the door behind you and stop peeking in.

With all that said, let’s begin. Second Amendment Rights are the security, pride, and joy of many Americans today. Despite the cowardly lunatics who abuse this freedom by using it to shoot up an unarmed mini-mall or college in true coward fashion, many of us are sane and kind people who effectively and safely handle our own guns. In the modern world these armaments allow the average citizen to have the right to personal protection on their own terms, without having to wait 30 minutes after a life threatening emergency has started to receive help (assuming they can even call for help and are not being attacked or raped).

Many Americans would be shocked to know that the United States is the single most violent 1st-world country in the world. The only other country that even comes close to our violent crime and imprisonment rate is Russia, and some people would consider most of Russia’s countryside to be third world (when excluding the major cities which are well advanced and first world like ours). When you note the history of violence in the United States, and when you also note the mentality of many of today’s criminals (rob, then rape, then kill everyone involved, whether they cooperate or not) it becomes very clear that the only thing that will protect your family is an armed person (hopefully you rather than the police officer who is miles away). If you consider a baton, pepper spray or Taser to be enough, you would do well to remember that almost all violent crime has multiple criminals involved: in other words, trouble often travels in groups of two or more.

                             Which option will you choose?

Before even thinking about a gun or what kind of gun to own, I would suggest your go to No Nonsense Self Defense right now and spend a few hours (at least) reading their articles to understand a truly sophisticated and realistic mind-frame of self defense and violence prevention. Only after reading their site and understanding the topics presented there would I suggest continuing to the paragraph below. They go over topics such as the differences between Aggression and Assertiveness, knowing the 5 levels of self defense, knowing how to avoid becoming a target, and knowing how to be a true alpha male instead of a beta male pretending. They teach you that rudeness and macho bravado are a weak man’s imitation of strength, and they teach you how to leave behind the violent geek’s mentality of violence to adopt a healthy, mature understanding you will need to react in a violent and emotionally charged situation.

Have you read some of their brilliant articles? If you have, then let me begin by saying that the way most “gun buffs” and gun salesmen teach you to choose your weapon is hands down wrong. They try and cater your approach to each and every caliber and brand as if all of these factors make a considerable difference to a civilian who is employing this weapon properly (which is as a last line of defense when all your other barriers of protection have failed). I have heard dozens of people encourage high capacity magazines for shootout situations, and encourage entirely the WRONG kind of gun owning and gun using mentality.

You as a possible gun owner need to know there is a difference between preparing a citizen’s armory (for purposes of war, or national defense) and preparing for self defense (which includes home defense, survival, or a criminal confrontation). There are many options you have to choose from in the United States, and with all the varieties available it is easy to go to an extreme that you will never need. Let’s take a look at the kinds of weapons available to us today:

  • Handguns – Small, concealable, and low powered rounds that are designed for urban situations and concealed carry. Perfect for mobile personal defense, but less than ideal for home defense. If considered for home defense it must be with special frangible ammo (such as Magsafe or Glaser to prevent penetration of walls). NOT to be used in home defense with normal ammunition due to over penetration of rounds through 3 – 4 walls of most homes with a single shot.
  • Sub-machine Guns – Used in very close quarters combat with a large volume of small caliber rounds (usually handgun calibers). Not concealable, and designed to dump a very high number of rounds in a short time over close to medium distances. Due to the same issue as handguns (over penetration of walls), these are not practical for home defense. With safety rounds they might be a viable option, due to their increased capacity and accuracy.
  • Carbines – Used in close quarters combat with high powered rifle rounds in a small, compact rifle setup. Only practical for wartime use due to high powered rounds that will go through a dozen walls or more, like assault rifles. These are designed at lower capacities to be effective at all ranges, and are often highly versatile tools for warfare.
  • Shotguns – The best all around utility tool for home defense (such as riots, natural disasters, temporary collapse of order, handling a wild animal, handling a home invasion, etc). They can carry all kinds of creative rounds such a slugs (for BIG holes at long distance), buckshot (for home defense or for animal hunting), birdshot (small pellets for bird hunting) and even less lethal rounds such as high powered bean bags and rubber rounds for humane self defense. Also highly effective at room clearing and offensive close combat when semi-automatic and with tactical accessories.
  • Precision Rifles – Used for long distance hunting, and taking out threats from a great distance (50 feet to 1 mile and beyond). Long barreled, usually bolt action with large rounds and a low capacity, and often used with bipods for increased accuracy. These are highly effective for long range offensive operations such as harassment of troops from a concealed location, targeted killings of leadership or threats, and also for hunting of game and wildlife. As such they are totally impractical for self defense.
  • Assault Rifles – These are used with high powered rounds that penetrate cover, vehicles, armor and people. They are great for military applications at medium to long distance, but are easy to get tangled up with at close quarters. It is a very unwise and unsafe decision to use these for self defense or property defense in a populated area. However they are a must have if the day ever comes to defend your life and rights from an invasion, or even from our own government or any of its misguided lapdogs who would take away your freedom or your life for the power of the elite.
There are other categories of weapons that I will not go into, since you as a civilian have no use for these in the goal of personal defense. Automatics should never be used in personal defense since they are highly dangerous to you and those around you if you intend to use them for home defense. Even trained mercenaries and military professionals hesitate to use the full auto function unless laying down a stream of supporting fire. Since you aren’t flanking any fortified positions, leave the automatics to the professionals. As you have guessed, I advise people to choose their firearms based on their competence, and also based on versatility and utility. These Class III weapons and destructive devices (along with explosives and silencers) only have a useful place on the battlefield or in your citizen’s armory (where they wait until they potentially reach a battlefield one day). I hope that is crystal clear.