America’s Forgotten Flag

According to, the flag below is the true U.S. Sovereign Flag, re-created in 2004 based off of the previous Civil Flag flown after the end of World War I. This flag was originally designed to represent the people of the United States, not its government. Our modern American flag (the one that our children salute every day in our schools) is actually the Military Flag of the United States, and some could equate this with the difference between the Japanese Flag and the Japanese Imperialist Flag created during World War II. According to the website: “Our civilian flag is a way of reminding Americans, as well as our leaders, that every man and woman is sovereign and that we are all endowed by our Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This sovereign Civil Flag is a symbol of our desire to return America to the dreams upon which she was founded!”

The Symbol for the True America, is not the Symbol for New America…

More great information is available from, which I will quote directly on this subject because of how well they wrote their research:

“A little known odd fact about the history of Old Glory, is her sister, the forgotten Civil Flag of the United States.

The existence of the first U.S. civil flag came about in 1767 when members of the “Sons of Liberty” rebelled against the Stamp Act by turning the flag of the British East India Company on its side and then flew it on the “Liberty Tree”. The “on it’s side” vertical stripes were then declared to represent individual sovereignty over the King of England. This new flag, also known as the “Rebellious Flag” and the “Common Law” flag, quickly became the flag of the American Revolutionaries. Ten years later, in 1776, George Washington introduced his “Grand Union” flag to represent his military during the Revolutionary War.”

That means this Flag was used in the truest sense of the Revolution. It was the true first flag of the United States of America, created even before the American Flag we have come to accept today. So why is this flag not flown in our beautiful blue skies today? It represents Revolution by the people, and a shift in power towards those people, rather than an absolute entrenched loyalty toward the government and its military that is espoused in our youth and citizens today.

If you don’t believe that our country has since become Fascist then please look to the streets where you can find bumper stickers that read “If you don’t stand behind our soldiers then feel free to stand in front of them.” The government has cleverly convinced you and others that by thanking the military and by standing behind them you are a good citizen and a “true patriot”.¬†They cleverly leave out the obvious fact that the military takes all orders directly from our government, which means that when you are blindly thanking and supporting our military you are actually blindly thanking and supporting the government. These people represent a huge majority of Americans who have given up their free thought. They have given up questioning the government, and (according to that bumper sticker) they even equate this as a crime punishable by DEATH. This is completely the opposite of what all of our Founding Fathers wanted for our country, and they would be ashamed to see Americans today who have allowed themselves to be so brainwashed by our government and its media.

Who the Government Brainwashes

Look to the people who cling fiercely to their guns, their bibles, AND to their government! These people think that they are good citizens for being subjugated to their government and for being blindly loyal, because this is what the Republicans and their Pastors tell them. These people are being handled, and they are led by their community leaders to be loyal to the very people who enslave them. This has been the role of the Church and of politicians for centuries all over the world, and it is not any different now.

Most of the people supporting the Republican party are not rich business owners, but poor, hardworking, and very faithful Christian people who live paycheck to paycheck. These people are brainwashed (often by their own pastors and priests, who are supposed to be protecting their flock) into supporting the rich capitalists. These rich capitalists then turn around and rape their supporters out of their paychecks, out of their jobs, and our of their homes. Their handlers even convince them that sending off their children to the government military is the greatest honor, and that their children are serving their country. This country consists of its PEOPLE, and the government does not serve its people! These parents are taking their most previous creations, their children, that they have loved and raised with so much love, and being convinced to deliver them into the hands of our greedy Wallstreet government.

This isn’t anything new, since we have seen it time and again by the Republican party and its calls to tax the poor and bail out the rich (and the Democrats are no better, they are the other dysfunctional side of the coin). The poor go on losing homes and living a miserable existence of scrounging for a living in between paychecks while the rich get richer… What a wonderful arrangement, wouldn’t you say? If you are tired of getting screwed by our government and by any religious leaders that call for you to be blindly loyal to this government, then please help reclaim our country.

If your priest is telling you that a good American is blindly loyal to the military and the government, then your priest is NOT your friend, and he is NOT God’s friend. He is performing the most noted function of the church throughout all history: to control the masses and to bring them under the sway of the ruling elite. Your priest is the government’s friend, because he is leading his lambs to the slaughter. Do not represent this government, skip Church unless your Priest or Pastor is actually a man of GOD, and do not salute the Fascist military flag. Purchase a Civil Flag, educate others on the meaning of the Civil Flag and why it should be the new symbol of our country, and please break the shackles of Fascism over your mind that this government has firmly set in place.

The Revolution begins now. Restore America. You are the Resistance.