U.S. Dollars Will Be Worthless

Do you understand economics?

If you are like most people I know then the answer to that question is “a little bit”. Some people claim to understand economics very well, but those who truly do understand this field will tell you that economics degenerates often into a study of humans and their strange financial and business decisions, rather than a clear-cut study of predictable growth or shrinkage of resources. Economics is a very weird, sophisticated creature. This is because of the fact that we humans are very weird, sophisticated creatures, and our behaviors determine our economics. Jobs can increase, income can increase, but a very debt oppressed population cannot spend when it is mired in debt, and this can depress and shrink the economy. Sound confusing? The more you research economics the more you see that it boils down to opinion and speculation, and that is why there are SO many different opinions within economics.

So what is economics to the layman? In our modern world, almost all economics are supposedly based on an exchange of value. This value can be either an exchange of services, materials and commodities, or an exchange of money. Many of us inherently know that money is valuable to us as humans, but do we really know why?

Paper and printed money started as a method of representing gold and silver. People used to carry these valuable resources with them everywhere they went, and carrying a lot of metal is a heavy, cumbersome, and dangerous thing. Eventually nations consolidated their gold and silver (along with other rare metals, which are collectively known as bullion when they represent wealth) and printed out paper money to represent pieces of this store of wealth. Your dollars are supposed to represent a piece of U.S. wealth. The only problem is that it doesn’t.

How long until your dollar is obsolete?

Our Money Policy = Our Money Problem

Due to the policies of the Federal Reserve and their ideas of economic regulation and money politics, your money is only as good as the word of the Federal Reserve. The system that they implement on our money system is free from the control of Congress, and in the process of doing as they liked these men decided that the dollar should no longer be reliant on the stores of gold the United States owns. This means that there is a tremendous sum of money floating around that represents ZERO real world value, yet we and other nations continue to use it because we all assume it still means something.

How do I know this to be true? The U.S. rate of printing money FAR EXCEEDS the rate at which it acquires valuable resources such as gold and silver bullion. This is the clearest and most obvious sign that tons of our money is printed without commodities to back it up. The next sign is that our dollar used to mean a good deal of wealth (as we know from the old days when a man was well off if he earned $10 a day). Our money means less and less, because we print more and more, and do not continue to acquire wealth to back up all the money that is floating around out there.

Many people, especially financial experts all over the U.S., are taking every opportunity to get out there and snatch up all the gold and silver they can get your hands on. Just look online and find all the sites that have cropped up, as well as all the second-hand buyers who look around for people selling old gold and silver jewelry to be melted down. These people understand that it is absolutely certain that the U.S. dollar will continue to weaken (the Federal Reserve policies guarantee it) and due to this trend it is highly likely, and to some it seems inevitable, that the U.S. dollar will collapse.

When this occurs, all of your retirement, all of your savings, all of your property, and every dollar you own has the potential to mean absolutely nothing. And if it means anything at all it will be valued at a grossly smaller fraction of what it is currently “thought to be valued at”. I put that in quotes because your dollar really is currently worth only a tiny fraction of what everyone thinks it is, the problem is everyone continues to use it as if it worth more because economists tell us we can. Everyone agrees it is stronger than it really is, and because of that we continue to pretend it has high value. DON’T BE FOOLED.

If you have any doubt whatsoever that the value of money could ever be so grossly misrepresented, or if you have any doubt that people would continue to over value money out of simple fear, please educate yourself on the recent Global Financial Collapse of 2008. And you should probably know that Mr. Warren Buffet, a key U.S. investor and economics expert, agrees with my conclusion that the dollar will be worthless, although he admits it would become worthless to EVERYONE if we continue printing more money (the Federal Reserve has already declared its plans to do just that).

Treat your money like its burning... Get rid of it! Trade it for commodities as soon as possible.

What should you do?

Get rid of your dollars at the safest rate you possibly can, and invest in some wealth security such as gold, platinum, silver, or other precious metals that you can hold onto yourself and have in the case of a dollar collapse. There are all kinds of guidelines to follow because this market has become very large, and I am only recently getting into it myself. Find someone who is very experienced in this area, and please do your research thoroughly! There are many scam artists and frauds out there who aim to steal your money and give you no authentic bullion in return.

If you do your research and invest carefully, you can protect your family from the collapse of the dollar. And if you are a perpetual optimist, and don’t believe the dollar will ever fail, then at the very worst you will gain a considerable amount of money by investing in commodities that NEVER drop in value. Bullion is as safe as it gets when it comes to investing, and it is a form of wealth that is safe, predictable, and (for now) easily within reach. Now get out there and secure your family’s financial future.

UPDATE 8/27/11: We are currently in a Gold Bubble, which means that Gold is at an artificially high price right now, and is maintained there by the people who own it so that they can make a considerable amount of money on others who they sell it to. DO NOT BUY GOLD AT THIS TIME, people who own large amounts of it purposefully keep it off the market so that the gold prices can stay artificially high. Instead make a safer investment and buy silver, which is having the opposite happen: it is being kept artificially low. An investment in silver means greater long term security because its price will go up and will not implode like the price of gold.


American Civil Unrest

As I write this in August of 2011, a huge number of issues loom heavily on the U.S. horizon.There are some critical issues in our country’s foundation, any one of which has the capacity to bring a nation to its knees if managed incorrectly. Despite this dangerous juggling game we are playing, if you ask anyone what they think about the coming civil unrest and their eyes will widen a bit, and they will wonder (probably out loud) at how you could have ever come to such an idiotic conclusion. “You mean rioting and collapse of order? The end of our economy? You seriously think there will be any kind of collapse here?

These people (and they are the majority) have seen all of the recent issues just like you and I. The crisis of the debt ceiling and the crisis on defaulting our loans has been resolved, apparently in the nick of time. The solution of simply piling on more debt is bound to have long-term ramifications for our children and our country that none of us could possibly foresee, but I digress. The default has been avoided but debt continues to build on us in crushing volume, and the economy continues to decline. In fact the entire last two years of economic and stock growth was lost over the course of a single week due to our very slow but inevitable decline. People are widely expressing just how unhappy they are with the government, and many of these people are becoming desperate as even well to do families become homeless and jobless. Now government services and jobs are being cut, and all of the solutions the government has promised have amounted to changes everywhere except where they are needed the most. Despite the fact that almost every American is aware of all these problems, they still ask themselves the same question…

Are Civil Unrest and American Collapse Really Possible?

To answer that question we must first take a look across the ocean at our nearby neighbor England, shall we? Riots have rocked London, and if you were to have asked any Londoner if they thought riots were likely in their country they would have likely responded, “You mean here? Absolutely not, this is a stable country.” The average Londoner could not have conceived for a reason behind the riots, nor assumed they would be so widespread and result in such a destabilization of their lives. People have  killed each other, communities have been torn apart, and the police have stood by and simply watched. That’s correct, they have stood by and simply observed without interfering.

Now ask the average American if they see Civil Unrest In the U.S. on the horizon, and many respond with the same passivity and blind trust that these Londoners did – and they would be just as wrong too. Why? Because the average person is so mired in all the crap that has accumulated around their ankles, and so caught up in their day-to-day world that they aren’t even aware of all the clear and distinctive signs that something is very wrong.

Does this idea sound familiar? Photo: Fibonacci Blue

Lets return for a moment to the trusting citizen who responds with disbelief when asked about American Collapse. Ask this person if they are satisfied with our current government and how it is working, and chances are 4 to 1 that they are frankly unhappy with what our government is doing and what is has  become (and 79% of American’s will agree, according to the Washington Post polls). Ask if they have confidence in our government to resolve the spending crises and debt and another crushing 74% say NO according to that same poll. People have lost faith that their government can fix these issues, and they have also lost faith in the system itself and the people running that system. There is a clear and pervading sense of dissatisfaction, the economy is wavering and squeezing our means of living even tighter, our leadership  is failing us… The government has already made airtight preparations for this same situation that most Americans cannot even conceive of: Look to the fact that the government has made extensive preparations to keep the people in check.

The Government Has Taken Away Your Right to Privacy

Many trusting and kind citizens see the Patriot Act as  a measure meant only to protect citizens, and these people sadly do not realize the obvious truth: it has been over ten years since the last terrorist attack of any kind on U.S. soil. Is it because of this Act and all the invasions of privacy that we are attack free? Absolutely not. In fact leading security analysts tell us repeatedly that we are not any safer now than we were then despite this Patriot Act. How could that be? Because it is today used for spying on U.S. citizens without warrants or questions asked, and is used to maintain order. Is it used to good effect in the wars on Drugs and Terrorism? Absolutely, just as effectively as it is used to silence any voices of dissension or unrest among the mass of unhappy citizens. People today are quite aware of the government’s ability to intercept text messages, phone calls, and even their emails, and somehow these things are now considered acceptable now to many of us because we are tricked into thinking it is making our borders more secure and our domestic lives more safe.

Have any of these people realized that drugs continue to cross into our ports and pour over our borders in the millions of kilos per year, and any one of those illegal transports into our country could bring in terrorists or armaments for terrorist activity (including a dirty bomb, explosive munitions, armaments, or even trained men)? The Patriot Act is effective domestically, for handling domestic threats that use electronics and are easy to track: like citizens who happen to get out of line and have all these pesky things called rights between them and government control. It is NOT an effective tool at addressing terrorist threats, or even drug runners who simply operate off of the electronic grid to avoid the government.

So what does this mean? The Patriot Act is NOT your friend, it does NOT keep you safe, and it was set in place long before unrest grew in order to keep our passive and fearful population under control. After it was safely in place, the Leadership unleashed a volley of reprehensible, stupid decisions that we continue to suffer for today. And that little act they passed while we were all scared of attacks that never repeated themselves? Oops, guess it’s here to stay now as the consequences of all these stupid decisions catch up with us.

Trouble on the Horizon

Many Americans are living in a powerful illusion and denying the obvious truth all around them: Our great country is in decline, and at the end of every decline is a collapse. It might be momentary, it might be limited in its severity, it may last for many years or only a few weeks. But it is coming, and if you do not prepare for it then you will ultimately be caught with your pants around your ankles at the worst possible time. You will be one of millions who will be affected by problems that many of us already see coming and are preparing for, such as:

  • Downgrading of the U.S. Currency (And eventually an obsolete U.S. dollar… say goodbye to savings and retirement)
  • Food Shock and Shortages (Any attack on the unprotected American food supply is a terrorist scenario most people do not even imagine, despite how likely they are)
  • Invasions of your Privacy (Patriot Act anyone?)
  • Civil Unrest, Looting, Rioting
  • Homeland Terrorist Attack (Which is still a distinct possibility, homegrown or foreign)
  • Natural or Environmental Disaster (FEMA declares one multiple times a month all over the country for severe storms and disasters… are you somehow immune?)
  • Nuclear Plant Disaster (If you live 300 miles from a Nuclear Reactor then you are in the immediate danger zone for nuclear fallout, so make a plan and be prepared).
Are you unprepared for any of the above situations? Are you ready to secure your future against any changes in our government, our currency, our food supply, our environment and more? If you are ready to undertake this hefty task, then please look the right side of this page and subscribe to this blog. Take some time to learn as much as you can about Survival and personal preparedness as you can, because your life (and the lives of your less prepared friends, relatives, and neighbors) may one day rely on you and the knowledge you acquire today.

Prepare for the unexpected!

And while you’re at it, check out a site that at times can be over the top and extreme, but is also an amazing source of real news that major news won’t and can’t run… news that sadly turns out to be true: Visit infowars and read what’s out there so you can at least make an informed decision on what to believe.
Finally, read as much as you can, prepare while you still can, and remember this simple truth: “Those who sweat more during times of peace will bleed less during times of war.”
UPDATE: 9/7/2011 – I have just come across some very important and shocking information. As early as 2001 the U.S. Army started drilling their officers in a very specific invasion routine. The Mission: Invade the United States. Their task was to quell any civil unrest at home, and this included searching civilian vehicles and residences, and securing legally owned civilian weaponry at gunpoint. You read that correctly. The U.S. Army is being trained to directly violate the Constitution of the United States of America by enacting martial law and policing its own citizens. How long before this training mission becomes a reality? Will you wait passively to find out?